Learning WordPress and Speaking My Mind

It’s time I learn how WordPress works and also give myself a forum to share my thoughts, insights and ideas.  

What I’ll write about…

I think about a lot of things all the time.  From how things work – robots, apps, the human mind and body – to what’s going on in tech, leadership, innovation in corporations, new paradigms for education, healthy living and saving the world.  I have very strong convictions about BeingFA and will reference this term a lot (thanks @Julien).  I am also a huge advocate of woman leaders, women in tech and strong independent girls (I am biased, I have three of them…).  I love to paint, but never seem to have the time so I use photography as a creative outlet.  So, you may see some cool photos here once and awhile.  I am also a travel addict. My bucket list of destinations is endless and I’ll likely share thoughts on cities I’ve visited and provide helpful tips – I am an anti-tourist, so always look for new perspectives when on the road.

My public face….

I share my professional self with some bleed into personal life on Twitter.  My LinkedIn profile can tell you a bit about my career – eclectic, but trending towards entrepreneurial tech – and I only use Facebook for people I’d cross the street to say “Hi” to (nod to @sefk for that guidance) so don’t try to “friend” me unless you think we’d be happy to see each other in a random bump-in.  

What I’m up to…

In the past year, I quit my job, renovated a 19th century brownstone and moved from deep in the oceanside suburbs to the beautiful city of Cambridge.  I’ve been surveying the tech startup landscape of Boston and Cambridge and boy am I excited about what’s going on!  I hung out at TechStars Boston for the Winter 2014 class as a mentor in residence and got to know a ton of amazing people.  I set up my own advisory board which I’ll blog about soon and I dabbled in my first angel investments – tons to learn there!

I’m now digging into a few new projects that are warming my brain back up in areas that have had a nice vacation. Once I settle into things a bit more, I’ll share what I’m really up to.  Meanwhile, look for ponderings as they come and feel free to reach out if you want me to share my thoughts on a particular topic.  I’m never shy about my opinions or lessons learned.

Happy reading!

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