I write about a lot of different things – here’s an index by topic:


The Co-Founder Courtship [Repost by Harvard’s Working Knowledge]
Virtual Fundraising

Beyond Their Funds, How Can Your Investors Be Helpful? [Repost by Harvard’s Working Knowledge]
Just Be Excellent
From Zero To 100+: Preparing To Lead And Operate At Scale [Repost by Harvard’s Working Knowledge]
MBA, Accelerator Or Just Go For It?
The Three Ps – Lenses To Assess Your Startup’s Performance
A Startup’s Guide To Having A Great Summer Internship Program
Step One: Investing In The Minority


Founder Separation Anxiety [Repost by Harvard’s Working Knowledge]
The Many Hats Of A Startup CEO
Testing Leadership During Trying Times
A Pandemic’s Impact on Remote Work
Self-Awareness And Asking For Help Are Super Powers! [Repost by Harvard’s Working Knowledge]
Mastering The Team Meeting [Repost by Harvard’s Working Knowledge]
Mastering The 1:1 [Repost by Harvard’s Working Knowledge]
The CTO to VP Engineering Fork
Adding Value By Transforming Your Business
Thoughts on Leadership From a Great (and sorely missed) Leader


Product Discovery 101 [Repost by Harvard’s Working Knowledge]
The Fundamentals of Roadmapping
So You Want To Be A Product Manager [Republished by HBR]
The 90-Day Plan – To Go or Not to Go

Hiring, Career & Personal Growth

Transition Reflections
On Hiring: Beyond The Interview
Paving The Way For Less Experienced Hires At Early Startups
Are You Being Strategic About Hiring? [Repost by Harvard’s Working Knowledge]
Hard To Do, And Easy To Screw Up; A Primer On Hiring For Startups
The War For (Diverse) Teams At Early Stage Companies…and Beyond
Go Big, Or Go…Startup
Visualizing Mile 26
The Current Normal
What Made You, You
Opening Doors & Taking Action
Note To Parents: When The Helicopter Flies Too Close To Work
Setting Up Your Own Personal Board of Advisors


Overhauling Higher Education For Today’s World
Reflecting On The Intersectionality Of Today’s Pressing Issues
Computer Science – Because It’s Just Plain Fun
Is The Future Bright?
“I was right, I am the only girl. AGAIN!”
The Value of An Art Degree (and Computer Science)
People Who Code – A Call to Action
“People are Funny”

Other libraries I recommend:

High Output
FirstRound Review
Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge

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